Expecting a child is often joyful, exhilarating, and overwhelming at the same time, which makes birth doula support services so valuable. There are so many unknowns, even if you are carrying your second or third baby. It is such a unique period of life.

As your birth doula I accompany you and (if applicable) your partner through the process of preparing for childbirth and I support you during labor, birth and bonding.

Research has shown that having a doula present at birth is linked to reduced rates of interventions and trauma. As your doula I can provide evidence-based information for you so you can make confident decisions about your pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. I will practice comfort measures with you and (if applicable) your partner. In the birth room I will be by your side as long as it takes and just hold space for you.

What does my birth doula service package entail?

Call and Email Access

I will be available for discussing questions, ease possible fears and build a relationship with you and your partner. For all topics that are of special interest for you, I can send you high quality resources you may find helpful. This continues from the day you hire me and for 6 weeks into the postnatal period.

Antenatal visits

These two sessions help us to get to know each other and build rapport. Your partner and children can be involved in the way that is optimal for your needs. We take time to discover your birth preferences, wishes, fears and expectations. If applicable we also debrief any previous birth experiences. You have space to talk, space to tell me what you want and how you are feeling and I will listen. Being deeply listened to can do us a lot of good, especially in the perinatal period.

Birth Preferences/Birth Plan

You will discover what your preferences are during your pregnancy as you learn more about the physiological process, or your chosen pathway for birth. I can provide evidence-based and best practice information in order to help you collate your ideas. Also, I can suggest ways to communicate your preferences to your birth team. The choices you and your partner make are completely up to you. I am only there to support you.

On Call Period

My time is dedicated to your family whilst on call. I will be on call for your birth 24 hours a day 10 days before and after your estimated due date. I will check in with you every other day during that time and you will contact me as soon as you need me around.

Continuity during labor and birth

I provide continuous emotional, physical and practical support for you and your partner during labor. After your delivery I will continue to support you until you are comfortably settled.

Caesarean Birth Support

Even in the face of a planned or unexpected C-section, the journey remains crucial. Together, we navigate the path with compassion and preparation, ensuring that the experience is as gentle for you as possible. The additional emotional and practical support is in no way less important when a belly birth is imminent.

Postnatal Visits

I will come to see you once during the first three weeks of your baby’s life and provide a space for conversations about the birth and your evolving experience. As you navigate the early days of motherhood, I am here—listening, supporting, and helping you find the beauty in this new chapter. More postpartum visits can be booked separately.

Reaching Out

Curious about my birth doula support services? Share your journey via email at info@doulajohanna.com or through the contact form, so we can schedule an initial consultation. Briefly introduce yourself—your name, due date, chosen birthplace, and pregnancy details. Slots are limited, with priority given to childbirth class participants.