Welcoming a new life into your family is a beautiful and transformative experience. In the precious postpartum period, I am here to offer exclusive support tailored to meet your unique needs. My postpartum packages go beyond traditional assistance – they are an investment in your well-being, ensuring a smoother transition into parenthood.

Package Details: Three 3-hour visits within the first weeks of your baby’s life

During each visit, I am dedicated to providing holistic care, addressing both physical and emotional aspects of the postpartum journey.

Available Services: Customize Your Postpartum Support

Tailor your experience of my support by selecting from a range of services designed to meet your unique needs.

  1. Nourishing Ayurvedic Cooking:
    • I can prepare warming, nourishing Ayurvedic foods to support your postpartum recovery. Tailored to your preferences and dietary needs, these meals are designed to nourish and replenish you.
  2. Postpartum Wellness Massages :
    • Experience the healing benefits of postpartum wellness massages, promoting relaxation and aiding in physical recovery.
  3. Babycare Assistance:
    • From diaper changes to soothing techniques, I am here to assist with all aspects of babycare, allowing you to focus on rest and bonding.
  4. Basic Breastfeeding Support:
    • Receive guidance and support on breastfeeding techniques, ensuring a positive breastfeeding experience for both you and your baby.
  5. Process and Routine Improvement:
    • Together, we can assess and enhance existing processes and routines, optimizing your home environment for a smooth and joyful life with a newborn.
  6. Education for Partners:
    • I can provide essential guidance to partners on how to best support you during the postpartum weeks and months. Education on emotional support, practical assistance, and communication is tailored to your unique needs.
  7. Emotional Support and Space-Holding:
    • Beyond practical assistance, I am here to listen, support, and hold space for you. I understand the depth of emotions that accompany the postpartum period and am committed to helping you navigate this transformative time.

Exclusive Offer: Limited Availability

Please note that due to my other work commitments, I can only provide this exclusive postpartum support package to a maximum of three clients per year. This limited availability ensures that I can dedicate the necessary time and attention to each family.

Investment: Starting at 695 Euro for Three 3-Hour Visits

I encourage you to explore the details of this unique postpartum support offer. To discuss your specific needs or inquire about more visits, please contact me through my contact form. I look forward to being a part of your unique postpartum journey.