Life Beyond the Birthing Room

Join me behind the doula curtain for a real-life peek into the chaos and joy of my world, where I navigate the rollercoaster of motherhood, house-hunting adventures, and a heartfelt commitment to prioritizing the relationship with my husband, recognizing that we’re more than just parents

My goals for 2024

Step into 2024 with me as I eagerly anticipate supporting the beautiful births and teaching empowering classes, while introducing new ventures like guided meditations and ‘The Doula Johanna Podcast’ – a space for insightful conversations and shared empowerment!

Hello wonderful families!

Growing up in a multicultural home with a Polish mother and a German father, I’ve always felt a deep connection to international families, and now as a doula, I bring this appreciation to my work, creating a space where every family feels seen, heard, and celebrated.